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Coach Outlet 2014


Big names who have enabled model endorsement, Coach is one of them one. New Winter Ad Campaign invited the three top supermodel Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova and Karen Elson from the T station back to the backcourt, backstage at the show field background 50s fashion interpretation. Three beauty is dazzling lights and the new Coach shoes dresser, surrounded by elegant style make the whole air froze.

Fashion is constantly reincarnation, this aspect is a classic admiration and heritage, while also lacking the current era of innovation performance. We as fashion lovers, designers, and perhaps not as bitter critic of tension or worry, feel fashion coach outlet is dead, we just need to respect the genuine love fashion, and constantly upgrade their level of appreciation, to truly understand fashion on good. Here are six classic big luxury handbags, they are innovative models launched this year, in your opinion, is the new version more times, or more worthy of the original classic for people praise it?

1, hyun My Logo

In 1973, Lynyrd Skynyrd famous song "Free Bird"became a radio music immortal song, which is the legendary German supermodel Veruschka in the T stage most shining moments. During the same period, Coach launched its classic"over-the-shoulder logo bag"long strap so the bag can be hung on the shoulder. To a year in winter, coach outlet "over-the-shoulder logo bag" regression, material selection is more rare alligator and ostrich, foil a year designer Frida Giannini designed neutral trousers and jackets, to become permanent not fade classic.

2, brothers battle

Coach's iconic Speedy handbag debut in 1938, since then there has been a young girl: Chubby handbags, made ​​an ostrich, with Logo printing, and denim handbag handles, this bag as well canvas and two alligator leather choices, and instantly recognize Bao Shen front metal buckle, this section is a major highlight of the package.

3, square handbags

1960 film "La Dolce Vita "in the Trevi fountain in Rome, the scene became one of the symbols of this classic and even the golden age of Italian cinema, Inspired, Fendi launched its classic bag models, bags overall Quartet coach outlet presents a square shape, front pocket boxy corners are wrapped up with brass and decorated with a gold chain pendant. And Miss Sweden," the sweet life"plays SyCoachia's Anita Ekberg is this classic handbag loyal winds FAN.

4, "ink" era

Its iconic Hermes Birkin bag were heavy "decoration", launched a full hard black hand bag, the overall package solemn majesty, the Queen and the First Lady as to bring out the identity of this bag.

5, Love Peace Love Green

Coach's Lady Coach handbag in 1995 and the creation of Princess Diana, but today has evoCoached into a cool handsome uniform wind, this may be a symbolic hint, people lofty, noble fashion classic stereotypes are tired, rebellious uninhibited temperament back to earth.

What humans first dress is? Myths and legends tell us, is blocked in the "Adam's apple banana" in a dish leaves ; history books tell us that when our ancestors still big monkey when they first dress should be fur, of course, this "big jacket" can be your own skin and hair, it may be the "it".

I sometimes think: leather obsession is not an atavism? To this end I had to find information on the encyclopedia is pointing - not talk to coach outlet a few million years ago, the thing, the former Soviet archaeologists have found a boy in a frozen corpse rocks, according to research corpse age 10 years or more, while the little boy was covered with wreckage confirmed to be processed hides wool pants and boots - this is our ancestor vivid to wear leather pants.

Out of ancestral memorial and admiration for the leather, the leather, I always have a indescribable feelings and goodwill. For example, see a lot of ladies' handbags, as long as the skin, and I will show enough affection and desire. I have in front of my wife's handbag LouisVuitton daze, fantasy can dismember it, and then I changed to a pair of leather slippers. This is because, for a long period of time, for shoes, especially high-top shoes, I was infinitely attachment. High school, wearing a trousers, wearing a pair of military shoes, both summer and winter are our coolest costume that era. Then there is little DR.MARTENS, tell nauseating words, then treat boots just like with the mother, even love, too embarrassed to admit that in a large crowd. After the day, more and more shoes around, even no time "Huijia see." Three years ago, most regret is wearing a yellow high-top shoes CAT go to work, someone said to me, "You wear these shoes too earth", the next day I would obediently changing his coach outlet shoes, but no one answered back propped:"! Yeah, I would like to wear this, "a word for others, for what they have faith shaken, it is really sad.

Since then, I became interested in "small skin", "small leather" I did not trumped short, the English called SmallLeatherGoods, according to my observation, including wallets, leather key cases, leather wallets, leather passport holder, leather business card holder. Anyway, a little head... small pieces of leather. And I'm a bit strange, why belts in numerous product list in Belts are not "little skin." Perhaps too much color belt, on the "small leather" group some Qucai? To hell with it, I'm here anyway, it is also"small skin"one. So, last year received the best inventory of"small skin", is a designer from Bless belt, most traditional 1980s belt, just in one part of the link made ​​with a vintage watch, I understand designer confession: belt and watch, a record of our growth, we are fat, thin, another record hovering between.

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